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-The Satanic Temple: Atheists in Goat’s Clothing

by Dr. D ~ February 28th, 2017


             (Image: Wikipedia)

The Satanic Temple is a growing organization with charter groups in a number of major cities across America. It styles itself as a ‘religious movement’ but is nothing of the sort unless you consider atheism a religion and it should not be confused with other groups which actually worship Satan.

In reality this is nothing more than an atheist activist group which does not even believe in the reality of the Devil but uses the symbols of Satan and the trappings of religion to oppose Christians, Christian beliefs, Christian organizations, and the American church in any way possible.

We recently wrote an article about ‘After School Satan Groups’ being established in public schools around the country. This is the atheist organization behind that movement. Now I find an article claiming that this organization will probably see exponential growth as an organization that opposes the Trump administration which includes a number of Christians. Here’s the story from the LA Weekly:

…these Satanists identify as justice-oriented atheists, using the symbol of Satan not just as parody but also to challenge religious groups that use the mantle of God to justify their actions. At a time when religious advocates hold tremendous power in the White House, the Satanic Temple’s mission may become more important than ever — if its would-be supporters can get past all the demonic imagery.

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Response: If you read the Wikipedia article about The Satanic Temple, what this group is all about becomes much clearer. This is an activist atheist group that opposes any public displays of religion by demanding equal time for their ‘Satanic’ prayers, symbols, teaching, and school clubs.

In addition, they are on the opposite side on nearly every major issue from conservative Christians. They support abortion, Planned Parenthood, evolution and climate change, all LGBTQ issues including transgender bathrooms, and believe that the separation of church and state limits freedom of religion in public. Also, when it comes to same-sex marriage, they have made it an actual ‘sacrament’ of their temple.               *Top

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