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-Reacting to Those Who Are Blaming Christians for Orlando?

by Dr. D ~ June 24th, 2016

Eric Metaxas

   (Eric Metaxas: Image source)

Here’s a good article by Eric Metaxas: “Blaming Christians for Orlando?

In it he references an editorial by the New York Times, The Daily Beast, and reactions by CNN’s Anderson Cooper all piling on and somehow assigning blame to Christians for the actions of the radical Muslim terrorist in killing 49 folks in Orlando. We also cited several others who blamed Christians in an article on our main blog last week.

The best part of his editorial is at the end when he talks about how Christians should react to this bewildering attack on the Christian community:

So when the Anderson Coopers of the world insist loving people means approving of everything they do, we must reply that love often means exactly the opposite.

No, we’re not responsible for what happened in Orlando. But it’s our love and proclamation of God’s grace, not our angry self-defense, that will prove it.



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