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-Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

by Dr. D ~ January 31st, 2016


Do Muslims and Christians worship the same God? In America it is now ‘politically correct’ to say they do and those who claim otherwise are viewed as bigoted Islamophobes in the main stream secular media. A controversy over this issue recently boiled over in the press when Wheaton College administrators suspended  a professor, Larycia Hawkins who taught Political Science, for asserting that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

Well do they really? My answer is:

Yes, No, and Maybe So, depending on the context, but mostly No. 

To put this in perspective, sometimes I wonder if the person sitting next to me in church on Sunday is worshipping the same God and some of those folks might actually prove otherwise on Monday! The fact is, every believing person has their own definition of God or Allah, or Adonai whether they are Christians, Muslims,  Jewish or whatever.

As one who studied Christian theology extensively in seminary and holds an advanced degree my usual conclusion on this subject is in the negative (no) since there is such a wide difference between the Christian and Muslim understanding of God: who he is, what he does, and what he requires of humanity.


-Yes: What Christians and Muslims Have in Common

Nevertheless, sometimes we can say yes- there are some things that we do share in common when it comes to our beliefs about God or Allah:


-The God of Abraham

-Creator of all Things

-Involved in History and Human Affairs

-Judge of Eternal Destiny


-No: What Christians and Muslims Differ On


-Holy Spirit


-Fatherhood of God


-The Bible and Quran

Muslims were the first historically to say ‘no’ and to look upon Christians as not only heretical in their understanding of God but as polytheists. Everyday they begin with a prayer that intentionally refutes the Christian Trinitarian understanding of God which includes God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

From a Christian understanding it has to be ‘no’ because Muslims reject the divinity of Jesus and do not really believe in the Holy Spirit. Christians in their Fatherhood understanding of God have a far more personal relationship with the Creator while Muslims substantially see Allah as quite remote.

Also Christians believe that they can have an assurance of eternal salvation through faith in Jesus while Muslims can never be sure of their destiny since Allah as taught in the Quran can be rather arbitrary in his judgment.


-Maybe So: How Christian and Muslim Believers View God

Fact is, that where the rubber meets the road, one’s personal understanding of God can be quite different from the theological dissertations of the major religion one is part of. That is why I can say ironically that I am not 100% sure that the person I am sitting next to in church on Sunday has the same understanding of God in their personal life as I may have and in some ways may be worshipping a ‘different’ God.

I can think of two different Muslim families that I had business relationships with in the past that were far more ‘Christian’ in their practical understanding of God and the love that they expressed than some professing Christians that I know. Folks that I obviously had much in common with and found myself praying for quite often.

Christian missionaries in Muslim lands have found lots of Muslims that are predisposed to conversion since they hold a more personal understanding of God that squares more closely to the Fatherhood understanding of God in Christianity than the remote autocratic Allah taught in the Quran. It should be noted that Christian Bibles in Muslim lands use the title of ‘Allah’ for God in their translations and any outreach to Muslims begins with what we share in common.



This article is not meant to be a definitive theological answer to the question- Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

IF we are talking about the Old Testament God of Abraham who is the one true God and Creator who is involved in history and human affairs and is ultimately the judge of all humanity then: Yes, we are talking about the same God in that case- Jews, Christians, and Muslims. 

If we are talking about the full theological understandings about God in the Bible and Allah in the Quran than the answer must be: No we do not worship the same God. Our definitions about who God is and what he does are quite different.

If we are talking about personal understandings of God or Allah, then: Maybe some Christians might be far closer to some Muslims in their worship than most on either side will want to admit.                 *Top

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6 Responses to -Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?

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  2. Brian

    If I assume that Mohammad was an authorized messenger of God (i.e. he was actually a prophet), then I would agree that statements that Mohammad made about “Allah” were statements made about the same Jehovah-God of the Christian and Jewish tradition. But, then I would also be a Muslim.

    If I assume that Mohammad is NOT an authorized representative of God (i.e not sent by the Judeo-Christian Jehovah-God as an additional prophet), then I must ask the rhetorical question: Who sent him? Mohammad cannot be making theological pronouncements on behalf of a God who did not send him/did not authorize him to deliver scripture. He cannot deliver a message from God if God did not give him a message to deliver. Therefore, he must be speaking about a false god, and his “Allah” is not the same as the Jehovah-God of Judeo-Christian belief.

  3. Dr. D

    Brian, you are right about Muhammad and his teaching in the Quran. His adaptation of Jehovah God of the Bible is false for sure.

    What is really interesting about his teaching is that so much of his later pronouncements contradict his earlier statements. His earliest teaching reflects the ‘Allah’ that was already in the culture he was raised in and is close to the Jewish understanding of God.

    Unfortunately Muslim scholars maintain that his later teaching supersedes his earlier. That is why some can claim that Islam is a religion of ‘peace’ with certain earlier quotes in the Quran while ignoring all of the later pronouncements that those who do not accept Islam must be eliminated.

  4. Santa

    Regardless of accuracy, you would like them to preach hatred and aggression – that’s why you say “unfortunately Muslim scholars maintain that his later teaching supersedes his earlier” !?! Frightening !

  5. Dr. D

    Santa, Actually I hope that Islam goes though a peaceful reformation and major Islamic scholars decide that the peaceful and loving passages of the Quran should over-ride and supersede the hatred and aggression teachings that radical Islamists quote and apply from the book.

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