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-On Easter and The Resurrection of Jesus

by Dr. D ~ April 4th, 2015

Here are links to some of the past articles we have featured on this site on Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ:

-Resurrection of Christ: Wright On!

Listen to this! New Testament scholar N.T. Wright is right on in this short video on the Resurrection (2:23)


-Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?


If not, as Paul says (I Cor. 15:14) the entire Christian faith is in vain.

Here’s a link to a great article on all of the facts concerning the resurrection of Jesus–a timely pursuit for the Easter season:

“Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?”

by William Lane Craig, professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California.

This is the best and most concise article that I have found on the Resurrection of Jesus.


-Was Easter Really Borrowed From a Pagan Holiday?

Here’s a good article by Anthony McRoy that contradicts the popular notion that the Christian celebration of Easter was borrowed from pagan sources:

“Was Easter Borrowed from a Pagan Holiday?”

McRoy provides historical evidence that the name ‘Easter’ was actually derived from the Old High German ‘eostarum’ which meant "dawn" and not from the name of a supposed pagan goddess.


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