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-Excellent Pro-Life Responses to 6 Pro-Abortion Arguments

by Dr. D ~ January 27th, 2014

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January 22 was the 41th anniversary of Roe v Wade which opened the door to the slaughter of over 50 million babies and counting. For 41 years the philosophical arguments over this issue have continued unabated while the killing continues.

Here’s an excellent article by Darrell Cheney answering 6 major Pro-Abortion arguments:

6 Conservative Responses to the Left’s Pro-Abortion Arguments

Here are the six major arguments answered in the article:

1. Pro-life and pro-choice is a religious issue

2. The two sides are pro-life and pro-choice

3. Men shouldn’t exact their will upon women

4. The baby isn’t a human life until a certain point, it’s just a mass of cells

5. It’s not a human unless it’s viable outside of the womb

6. It’s a woman’s choice and right to decide what she does with her body

Read all of the excellent pro-life answers to these arguments. I found the response to #6 to be the most poignant, relevant, and convincing of any I have ever read:

It’s very simple – your DNA. So what would happen if we took cells from the baby in the womb and compared that DNA to cells from anywhere in the woman’s body? The DNA will be different because it’s two different people. The baby in the womb, though dependent upon its mother, is not her body.

So where does that leave us? Scientifically, the baby in the womb is a unique, human life, no matter how early on in development it is.


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