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-What is ‘Tolerance’ When it Comes to Same-Sex Marriage?

by Dr. D ~ December 2nd, 2012

The media has taken sides long time ago in the same-sex marriage debate raging in America. Media folks are consistently badgering Christians when it comes to this issue and counseling us to be ‘tolerant’ but what they really mean is that we need to change our views and conform to the current PC culture. The assault on Pastor Rick Warren in the video above is an example of how Christian leaders are consistently treated when it comes to this issue.

In the process media wonks usually cite polls and stats to show that the tide is turning against the Biblical understanding of traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Then they actually expect that the cultural change should be enough to bring us to our knees and accept the inevitability of it all. It just demonstrates their ignorance when it to religion and particularly the Christian faith- at least of those who still take the Bible seriously.  In the end there will be no compromises with a culture that is increasingly secular and unreceptive to traditional Christian values and views.

Toleration? Yes, conservative Christians will show toleration and even reach out in love towards those on the other side. However, it is conservative Christians who really need greater tolerance when it comes to this issue. Pastor Rick in the CBS interview above rightly points out that the word ‘tolerant’ has come to mean something entirely different than it use to:

"The problem is that tolerant has changed its meaning. It used to mean ‘I may disagree with you completely, but I will treat you with respect.

Today, tolerant means – ‘you must approve of everything I do.’ There’s a difference between tolerance and approval.

Jesus accepted everyone no matter who they were. He doesn’t approve of everything I do, or you do, or anybody else does either. You can be accepting without being approving."

Pastor Warren is entirely correct. The media, the left, and the gay activists are all on the same page and demand that Christians be more ‘tolerant’ but really are seeking for unconditional approval instead. Meanwhile they are anything but tolerant of conservative Christians calling us bigots and homophobes for supporting traditional marriage as it has been in Western civilization for several thousand years? Who really needs to be more ‘tolerant’ –in the original sense of the word?                *Top

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2 Responses to -What is ‘Tolerance’ When it Comes to Same-Sex Marriage?

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  2. Javier

    As a young Lutheran Christian who supports same-sex marriage (as do many other Christians and churches today), I do not find it tolerant to seek to make personal fundamentalist or conservative theology into public policy or law. It is one thing to believe in fundamentalist theology for yourself, but to attempt to make it law and impose it on others is disrespectful and unneighborly.

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