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-John Piper on Imprecatory Prayers

by Dr. D ~ July 12th, 2012

John Piper (theologian)

                                        (John Piper: Wikipedia)

From the Christian Post an article by John Piper:

“Do Christians have permission to pray imprecatory prayers?”

I’m sure slow to.

I’m thinking of 1 John, where it says, "There is a sin that is unto death, I do not say that you should pray for that sin," meaning, "If you can discern in somebody that they have sinned in such a way that they are beyond repentance, don’t pray for that sin. Don’t pray for their forgiveness."

Now I have never known anybody of whom I could say, "They are so beyond repentance that I will not pray for them." …

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Response: I have long had a problem with Christians praying imprecatory prayers believing that most of the time they are contrary to the clear teaching of Jesus to love our enemies. John Piper pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings about prayers of condemnation.

A couple of years ago a Baptist pastor from out here went on TV telling the whole world that he actually prayed for the death of President Obama. I took exception to that on several different levels. I Timothy 2:2 counsels Christians to pray for those in authority. If the early Christians were encouraged by the Apostle Paul to pray for the evil Roman kings and authorities, how much more we should be praying for someone like Obama who claims to be a follower of Jesus –regardless of our political convictions.               *Top

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