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-American Church on the ‘Wrong Side of History’ When it Comes to Homosexuality?

by Dr. D ~ June 27th, 2012


Bible believing Christians in America are continually being told that they are on the ‘wrong side of history’ when it comes to homosexuality. However, most evangelical Bible believing Christians would rather be on the ‘wrong side of history’ than on the wrong side of almighty God.

Make no mistake about it, whether we want to ignore it or not traditional Christian beliefs are not only being challenged but are increasingly being characterized as bigoted, hateful, and tantamount to being ‘evil’ and immoral in the rapidly changing dominant culture in America and the world when it comes to homosexuality.

The liberal main-stream Christian denominations have already turned their backs upon Biblical teaching long time ago and have joined in the current cultural call to champion homosexuality, gay clergy, and same-sex marriage. Many liberal Christian teachers have even referenced some of the teaching of Jesus including the Golden Rule to back up their support for the inclusion of the homosexual lifestyle into their ‘Christian’ community.

In the process, these Christians are maintaining that the Biblical scriptures opposing homosexual relations were merely culturally based and not a clear representation of where God really stands. They maintain that some of the more inclusive teachings of Jesus trump those ancient prejudices.

However, this is not the first time that the faithful church has been on the ‘wrong side’ of a dominant culture when it comes to homosexuality. In the first century, the apostles and the first Christians faced a debauched Greek and Roman culture that included wide spread homosexual practice. In response to the teaching of Jesus and the apostles the new converts to Christianity in that generation were expected to turn their backs upon their former lifestyle. Eventually the teachings of the church became a dominant part of Western culture and homosexuality became unacceptable and went into the closet.

Now in this generation, the gay lifestyle has increasingly been accepted, receiving political and cultural favor while the American Church is in danger of either being on the ‘wrong side of history’ or the wrong side of God. Part of the American church has already chosen to go with the culture but there are still major battles ahead for the more conservative evangelical churches and the Catholics who want to continue to follow traditional Biblical teaching.

It looks like it is now the faithful Christian churches that are in danger of being unacceptable, unpopular, and may even be forced into some kind of secret closet in the future. While we still have religious freedom in this country, the First Amendment provision in the Constitution is now being interpreted as limiting religion rather than protecting the religious rights of all.

Now is the time for all Christian leaders to wake up and be more active in protecting religious freedom in America while there is still day and before darkness falls upon ‘the city on the hill’ and forever blots out the light that once was America.

Please note that I am not the only Christian leader that is concerned with this trend in America when it comes to the future of the Christian church. Here’s an article by the immanent evangelical John Piper outlining some of the very same conclusions I have come to: “There Is No Demilitarized Zone in the Issue of Homosexuality”

Here’s a taste:

As one of the panelists said, “There is no demilitarized zone in the homosexual debate.” Pastors must address it. In fact, virtually everyone who communicates with mainstream cultural folk must address it.

The argument against Christianity today is not epistemological but moral. Christianity is rejected not because it is badly argued, or untrue, but because it is evil. And it is evil because it opposes homosexual practice. The panelists agreed that, at least in major metropolitan areas, the issue of homosexuality ranks near the top of the reasons people reject Christianity, along with the problem of suffering and the exclusive claim that Jesus is the only way of salvation.

It is almost impossible to express a compassionate disapproval of homosexual practice without being demonized.

Read the entire article, John Piper and his panel present this issue far better than I ever could including a perspective on the battle ahead.           *Top

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