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-Dr. Charlesworth on Patio Tomb (Talpiot B)

by Dr. D ~ May 13th, 2012

charlesworth2(Image- Princeton)

Just before Easter, James Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici made all sorts of sensational claims about their discovery of a new ‘Patio’ tomb at Talpiot. These are the same guys who brought us the supposed ‘Jesus Family Tomb’ a couple of years ago. They produced a book and a documentary all about their new discovery just in time for the Easter season.

Dr. James Charlesworth of Princeton has an informative Q & A about the ‘Patio’ or Talpiot B tomb on Dr. Ben Witherington’s  blog:

Dr. Jim Charlesworth on Talpiot Tomb B

Ben makes the following comment about it:

“I think you will find it enlightening. It reminds us that archaeological evidence is often quite ambiguous and equally good scholars can come to different, even diametrically opposite conclusions about the same subject.”

The Q and A by Dr. Charlesworth clears up his association with the project and his conclusions reveal that he is far from convinced that the Talpiot tombs (A or B) have any relationship to Jesus, his family, or other notable New Testament characters like Joseph of Arimathea.            *Top

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