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-Best of Apologetica in 2011

by Dr. D ~ January 2nd, 2012

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Here’s our best posts of 2011 based upon a combination of traffic and comments:

1.  -Losing the War of Ideas to Radical Islam?

2.  -Mormons & Evangelicals: Different Theology But Similar Values

3.  -Revolting Muslims Really Seeking New Caliphate and World Dominance?

4.  -Did 9/11 Change Attitudes About Religion?

5. -Radical Muslim Responses to Christmas

6.  -Judgment Day on May 21? I Don’t Think So

7.  -Independence Day: God Was There from the Very Beginning

8.  -Is Christmas Really a Pagan Holiday?

9.  -Camping Repents? Maybe -Maybe Not

10.  -Earliest Christian Writings in Existence Found in a Jordanian Cave?


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1 Response to -Best of Apologetica in 2011

  1. robert scott

    Thank you for condensing the best. That is a helpful start. Blessings!

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