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-Radical Muslim Responses to Christmas

by Dr. D ~ December 27th, 2011

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We have been Following the so-called ‘War on Christmas’ in America, but around the world some of the radical Muslim responses to Christmas really do rise to the level of that title. What is surprising considering the violent responses is the fact that Muslims do believe in most of the Christmas story, they just don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God.

The following are a few stories I found this morning on Muslim responses to Christmas and the reactions of the Christian community.

In Nigeria on Christmas, at least 5 churches were bombed with dozens of deaths among Christian worshippers and 100’s of injuries.

-In Iraq, the traditional mid-night Christmas masses have been cancelled do to threats and past terrorism on Christmas:

LONDON (CNS) — Chaldean Catholic officials have canceled traditional Christmas Eve midnight Masses because of security risks.
Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako of Kirkuk in northern Iraq told the agency Aid to the Church in Need that Christians will spend Christmas in "great fear" because of the risk of new attacks.
All services and Masses have been scheduled for daylight hours, he said in an interview with Rome-based AsiaNews.
"Midnight Christmas Mass has been canceled in Baghdad, Mosul and Kirkuk as a consequence of the never-ending assassinations of Christians," he said, citing the Oct. 31, 2010, attack on the Syrian Catholic cathedral that left 57 people dead in the Iraqi capital. …

In the Gaza Strip (Palestinian territories) Christmas has been officially cancelled by the authorities. Since Hamas took over in Gaza, Christmas is no longer a recognized holiday and those outwardly celebrating it are in danger.

In Pakistan, Christians face persecution this Christmas. Fortunately Pakistani authorities sent out 2,500 policemen throughout the country to protect churches during Christmas services this year.

Pakistan has roughly three million Christians who are constantly discriminated against and largely unemployed living in poor marginalized communities. Nevertheless they looked forward to celebrating Christmas in their communities. Those who live in mixed neighborhoods are naturally far more subdued in their outward celebrations.

Those are just the stories I found today following Christmas.

-In Egypt, the Coptic Christians will not celebrate Christmas until January 7. The last couple of years the Coptic communities have suffered violence during their Christmas services and celebrations. With the Egyptian government in total disarray, Christians in Egypt are fearful of what the season might bring this year.

*UPDATE (12/27/11):

-In Iran, during Christmas services a church (affiliated with the Assembly of God denomination) was raided by the police and everyone was arrested and detained by authorities including the children in the Sunday School. The strange part is that this is one of the 70 ‘official’ churches in that country that are supposed to be allowed to worship out in the open. Nevertheless an example was made of them on Christmas.             *Top

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