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-Jesus Would Be An Atheist Today?

by Dr. D ~ November 9th, 2011

Richard Dawkins: "Jesus Would Have Been An Atheist If He Had Known What We Know Today"

This is probably the most offensive thing he has ever said. As usual he is implying here that any person with any kind of intelligence today is an atheist. So obviously it follows, from Dawkins’ perspective, that any smart person from our past if they only knew what we know today would also be an atheist?

Since Jesus was a smart moral teacher from the past that Dawkins says he actually respects, then it follows that He would also have to be an atheist today? Quite an arrogant deduction in deed that doesn’t really take into account what Jesus has to say about himself and his father.

Notice that he never mentions Muhammad in this context. Maybe he wasn’t smart enough or just maybe Richard would like to keep his head intact?

Of course, all of this flies in the face of reality. If Christians are all so stupid or ignorant then why does he continue to avoid a direct debate with any of our best minds like Dr. William Lane Craig?             *Top

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4 Responses to -Jesus Would Be An Atheist Today?

  1. Gene

    Richard Dawkins argues that Jesus would have been an atheist if he had known what we know today. We can guess through Dawkins’s interview that Jesus’ teaching is acceptable and universal teaching for peace and unity of the universe, for he admits Jesus could be a moral teacher. I will take that, because it is right. Jesus is great moral teacher in his ministry.

    However, there is more important identity in Christ life. In other words, the main purpose of Jesus Christ’s coming to the earth is not being a moral teacher, rather being a redeemer for all humanity. People have sinned against God, and because of that humanity has a consequence of their sin nature, going to eternal damnation. However, God has been loving to us, his creatures, God sent his Son, Jesus Christ to save us from our sinful nature and future. Jesus was born in incarnation by the virgin birth, and showed the miracle to verify Him, the Son of God, and show the mercy to all people.

    He showed his love, grace, teaching, moral and ethic lessons, and He died on the cross and rose again after three days later. This is a life of Jesus. If Dawkins wants to argue with Jesus and His accomplishments, Dawkins should look over the whole spectrum of Jesus’ life and His mission, then he should talk about it.

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Gene, good conclusions.

  3. jack paul

    I too believe Jesus was a wonderful man. But HOW can anyone believe that the world was created by a god in the image of man, when science is quite certain the cosmos is 13.9 billion years old and humans have been around for maybe 200 thousand? Christianity is a nice mythological story, with many wonderfful and thoughtful ideas for folks to follow, but one that i will never treat any more or any less than myth. And, the miracal birth of Jesus to a virgin mother by a god in the image of man living in the clouds is preposterous. And IF you are a TRUE Christian believer, throw your meds away and simply pray.

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