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-Did 9/11 Change Attitudes About Religion?

by Dr. D ~ September 18th, 2011

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Did the 9/11/01 attacks end up changing some of our attitudes about religion? Here’s a recent article from CNN by John Blake that claims it did make some changes in how Americans perceived religion:

Four ways 9/11 changed America’s attitude toward religion

There are two observations in this article that I agree with whole heartedly.

1. Islam in America came out of the closet

Before 9/11, Islam was just another minority religion in America that very few folks understood or paid any attention to. It was somewhat hidden and not part of the main stream. Now it is in the news all of the time.

Following that event Muslims have seemed to come out of the woodwork and have asked for respect and understanding in the face of all of the terrorist events being perpetrated in the name of their religion. Before 9/11 their religion was pretty much ignored.

Many in our country have overreacted to everything Muslim to the degree that some are claiming that ‘Islamophobia’ is an actual problem in the USA. However, the Constitution grants ‘freedom of religion’ for all religions in this country regardless.

One issue that is a valid problem presented by Islam in America is how to respond to Sharia. Under our legal system and our civil rights and freedoms defined by the Constitution, how much of Islamic law and traditions can be legally accommodated in America? This has yet to be addressed.

Here are the topics of a few of recent news stories about Islam and Muslims that show it is no longer ignored in America:

-Some churches are getting together with local Mosques and sharing.

-The President now holds special dinners at the White House observing Ramadan.

-Some claim that there is a double standard on how Muslims are treated as compared to Christians –some say better, some say worse.

-Some say that Muslims now are demanding special treatment in the work place.

-In some schools in America, rooms and supervision for Muslim prayers are provided for, even though prayer has supposedly been taken out of the public schools.

2. Atheists Came out of the closet

A second observation in the CNN article that I agree with is the connection of 9/11 with the rise of more radical atheist movements in America.

No matter how you want to frame it, 9/11 was the product of radical religionists. In this case, radical Islam.

One reaction that many secularists and atheists had to the 9/11 event was to see that religion was at the bottom of not only that event but an instigator of all sorts of troubles and evils in the world. Therefore some began to proclaim that humanity would be better off if all religions were eliminated.

Since then, hundreds of books have been written opposing religion, lawsuits have been brought against religion in the public square, and atheist organizations have risen up to prominence in the last 10 years. Now folks are far more likely to admit that they are atheists in America than before.

The biggest problem that I see in their movement is in the equivalence given to all religions and religious groups.

Fact is, the world might be a better place without some of the more radical religious groups But it is definitely a better place because of some others. Regardless, in this country we have freedom of religion and I will stand up for that rights of all to believe or not believe as they wish.             *Top

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