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-When is the Rapture?

by Dr. D ~ June 5th, 2011

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When is the rapture? With all of the confusion sowed recently by Harold Camping and his date setting group, here is a good article by Greg Koukl defining what the Bible has to really say about when the rapture is going to happen:  “The Rap on the Rapture

Koukl concludes from the scriptures that it is going to happen at the Second Coming of Jesus and that everyone alive at the time will see it:

“The second coming. Not the third coming, not the one-and-a-half coming. The passages call it the coming of the Lord. Not a coming. They call it the coming of the Lord.”…

“We read about the second coming in Matthew 24. That is a visible, powerful and conclusive coming. He says everyone will be able to see Him, right? Paul says these events that are called the rapture happen at the coming of the Lord and the coming of the Lord, according to Jesus, is visible and there is only one second coming.”

Response: Koukl definitely gives us all something to think bout when it comes to the Rapture regardless of our preferred approach. He sees it as a very simple proposition if we only take the scriptures and don’t let any eschatological presuppositions affect our reading and interpretation.            *Top

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