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-Does the Scientific Method Stand Alone?

by Dr. D ~ May 21st, 2011

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Does the scientific method stand alone? Is science the only discipline that is rational and true?

First of all the scientific method did not come into existence in a vacuum. It rose to pre-eminence in Western civilization with an understanding of truth and reality which was derived from a Christian world view.

Today there are many who want to assert that the scientific method of evaluating evidence eliminates any consideration of metaphysics, or religious experience, or anything that can’t be quantified and evaluated materialistically.

Philosopher J. P. Moreland points out that the idea that “only what can be known by science or quantified and empirically tested is rational and true” is actually self-refuting. Lost in the process is the fact that the scientific method itself depends upon other disciplines.

Here is a good article by Bill Pratt pointing out the dependence of science on philosophy and surprisingly also morality:

Is Science Dependent on Other Disciplines?


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