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-A Quest for the Historical Paul?

by Dr. D ~ July 7th, 2010

Saint Paul Writing His Epistles, 16th century ...
(Paul via Wikipedia)

Nearly half of the New Testament is ascribed to the Apostle Paul and after Jesus himself he was perhaps the greatest shaper of the early Christian church.

Lately it has become fashionable to ‘blame’ him for how the church ‘turned out’ and how it became a separate religion from Judaism.

Yet we really know only a little about him personally. Here’s a great synopsis of what we do know about the ‘historical’ Paul in Christianity Today by Stephen M. Miller:

Highlights: The Quest for the Historical Paul

Here some of the questions he addresses in the article:

What did Paul look like?

Was he married?

What was his “thorn in the flesh”?

What happened to him during the unreported gaps in his life?

When did he die?

A very good short article that is mainstream and not speculative –which is saying a lot when it comes to most scholarly treatments of Paul lately.            *Top

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