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-Was Hitler A Christian?

by Dr. D ~ June 9th, 2010

In 1934, Hitler became Germany's president und...
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However, lots of atheists lately are insisting that Hitler was really a Christian. They start with the fact that He was baptized into the Catholic Church as a baby and never renounced his membership in the church. Also, that he used lots of Christian ‘God’ language and references in his speeches.

Here’s a great discussion of this issue on Aplogetics Review.

The author responds with this:

Some Questions to Answer if Hitler was a Christian…

1. If Hitler was a Christian, why did he not attend mass? or go to confession? (Lord knows he could have spent some time in there).

2. If Hitler was a Christian, why was he married in a civil ceremony by a Nazi officer and not by a priest? He had the means to have had anyone brought into the bunker he wished, but he did not invite a priest to officiate the ceremony.

3. If Hitler was a Christian, how to you explain the explicit anti-Christian statements made in private that are recorded in Table Talk?

Read the article and the ‘Table Talk’ quotes that show Hitler’s real opinion of Christianity.

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3 Responses to -Was Hitler A Christian?

  1. belinda

    Hitler was a New Ager, obsessed with Tibetan occultism. A great book which details this is “Peace, Prosperity and the Coming Holocaust” by Dave Hunt.

  2. ashok

    he was a humane being to stand in front inhumanity

  3. Dr. D

    ‘Humane being’ is not a title that I would ever associate with Adolph Hitler. He was one of the greatest monters to ever live.

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