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-Iraq: Christmas Persecution Continues–2 Killed and 9 Wounded

by Dr. D ~ December 29th, 2009

Assyrian Church
(Assyrian Church  by ashour rehana via Flickr)

In Mosul, Iraq the persecution of Christians continued this Christmas with the bombing of St Thomas Church last Wednesday killing two men and wounded five others. Even more astounding was the attack upon the Christian community of Bartilla in Northern Iraq on Christmas Day.

Over 100 Shiite Muslims attacked the Assyrian Christian town on Christmas morning taking over the entry checkpoint, destroying Christmas decorations, throwing rocks at the Christians during a procession into the church, and then attempting to enter the church during the Christmas service and wounded 4 in a gun battle.

Meanwhile, the Christians in Bartilla are fearful of continued persecution in 2010 against their community where they have been safe for over a thousand years. For some, particularly Christians, the regime change in Iraq has ended poorly at best.

Since 2003, more than 200 Christians have been killed and thousands have been wounded by Muslim radicals in Iraq. Also, over 65 churches have been attacked or bombed. In addition, thousands of Christians have been forced to leave their homes along with all of their possessions. In the process over half of the Christian population have left the country—nearly 500,000. Meanwhile, neither the American soldiers nor the Iraqi officials have been able (or even tried) to protect the Christian community.            *Top

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