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-UK: Happy Chanukah! The State Will Now Decide Who is a Jew?

by Dr. D ~ December 17th, 2009

(UK Supreme Court by d-notice via Flickr)

A dangerous precedent has been set by the British Supreme Court in their ruling that the Jewish Free School admission policies are racially discriminatory and in violation of 1976 Race Relations Act. The JFS currently admits students that are considered Jewish based upon 3,500 year-old Orthodox Jewish criteria and traditions.

In effect the court has ruled that Orthodox Jewish and authorities no longer have the right to determine who is really a Jew. The right of definition now seems to lie with the state by default.

Happy Chanukah from the UK Supreme Court? It is ironic that this ruling comes in the midst of a Jewish holiday that commemorates a battle for freedom to practice their religion.  <<Read the Rest on the AFTF Main Blog>>            *Top

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