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-Dueling Jesuses: Isa of Islam Vs. The Son of God of Christianity

by Dr. D ~ December 14th, 2009

Coming in the Clouds
(Image by SweetCapture via Flickr)

There really could be dueling Jesuses in the future—Isa-Almasih (Jesus Messiah in the Quran) of Islam verses Jesus Christ of Christianity.

First of all the birth of Jesus is portrayed in similar ways by both religions but the results are quite different. Both teach that Mary was a virgin and the angel appeared to her but in the New Testament, God is the Father of Jesus while the Quran teaches that the angel Gabriel was somehow responsible.

As strange as it seems, I believe that there is a strong possibility that the two might actually meet up and battle each other at the end of history—That’s right—two claiming to be the real Jesus.

One who supports the coming Mahdi and tries to destroy all who reject Islam particularly the Jews, and another who is the Son of God who comes in the clouds with the host of Heaven where everyone can see Him and saves Jerusalem and what is left of Israel.

What it really amounts to is dueling scriptures—the Quran verses the New Testament.

I started thinking about this possibility when I received the following in a comment from a Mohammad in Pakistan:

“I believe soon the promised one will reappear and fill this earth with justice.  …we are waiting for the promised one our Mahdi our imam our love our respect our leader our heart. …O my imam my leader soon we will pledge with you along with all good inhabitants in this world along with Jesus Christ who will pray behind you and will ask his followers to accept the straight path of Islam.”

There is one scenario I can see where the prophetic eschatological expectations of both the Quran and the Bible may be largely fulfilled.

Those in Islam are looking for a Mahdi to appear on the scene and become the ruler over the entire world—with one world government and one official World religion–Islam. Isa-Almasih, the historical Jesus is supposed to come back and support the Mahdi and ask all of his followers—the Christians to convert. Those who don’t are to be beheaded. Meanwhile he is also suppose to be instrumental in conquering Jerusalem, defeating the Dajjal (Evil One) and finally killing off the Jews who naturally refuse to join.

In the New Testament there is an  almost identical scenario presented, only the one world ruler is called ‘The Anti-Christ’ and the religious leader who supports him is referred to as ‘The False Prophet’. Thousands of Christians will be martyred by beheading and millions of Jews will also be killed. Just when it looks like Jerusalem will be conquered and all Israel will be eliminated, Jesus Christ appears in the clouds with the Hosts of Heaven, everyone shall see him, and He will touch down in Jerusalem and save the day. By the way—the Anti-Christ (Mahdi?) and his False Prophet (Isa?) are thrown alive into the Lake of Fire.

Like I said, the scenarios are quite similar but in a potential battle between the two Jesuses, Jesus Christ the Jewish Messiah and Son of God will prevail, the Muslims might call him the ‘Dajjal’ but it is the pretenders who will be overthrown. All of the scriptures in the Bible will be fulfilled, and He will reign for 1,000 years on planet Earth.            *Top

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7 Responses to -Dueling Jesuses: Isa of Islam Vs. The Son of God of Christianity

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  2. Salim

    Your Islamic point of view is kind of off. When the state of Israel is officially the head of the world as how the US of A is now and how it was Britain before one of the people will declare that he is Jesus the Messiah ( The real one, not the one that The Muslims and Christians believe in the Muslim view this person as the Dajjal. ), when that happens the followers of the Torah will believe that the prophecy is complete that Jesus will rule the world from Jerusalem. When that happens the Muslims believe that Imam al Mahdi will start a campaign from current day Afghanistan / roughly in that area, and lead it in a straight line to Jerusalem conquering all opposition and somewhere along that line the Dajjal will dual versus Jesus. Jesus wins and rules the world from Jerusalem when that happens the Quran and Sunnah prophecy will be complete.

    Regarding the bibles view on this subject i am not that educated in the topic but when your saying The Dajjal = Jesus of the Bible in Islams view point you are way off. The Dajjal is Jesus from the Torah’s view point.

    all in all, whats new blame the Muslims

  3. Dr. D

    Of course my ‘Islamic point of view is kind of off’ because I am really coming from a Christian/Biblical view.

    The true Jesus is the Son of God and will be coming in the clouds with all the hosts of Heaven and with every faithful Christian that have died. Those Christians who are alive at the time will be caught into the air and meet him in the clouds and every eye will see him.

    He will touch down and save the Jews and Jerusalem from the Anti-Christ. The Muslim Mahdi who tries to conquer Israel and Jerusalem is the Anti-Christ of the Bible and the false Muslim prophet who claims to be ‘Jesus’ who supports the Mahdi is really the false Prophet of the Book of Revelation.

  4. Mustafa

    The Mahdi is not the Messiah. He is a regular man that brings the righteous people together. Jesus (AS) is the one and only Messiah to Muslims. Muslims love and respect Jesus as the Quran and Sunnah command us from Allah. Jesus (AS) will make prayer (salat) with the Muslims behind the Mahdi (Imam), kill the false messiah (dajjal or anti-christ) that will be on the Earth, he will destroy the cross, kill the pig and give you the one choose to come to Islam or die as a kafir (non-muslim). Then he will rule the earth in perfect peace as the messiah as a Muslim ruler. After a time he (Jesus (AS)) die a natural death. Then the end time will come. Please know the correct story before speading your lies. May Allah have mercy on you and bring you into the folds of Islam before that day.

    Assalamu alaikum from a very radical Islamic fundamentalist.

  5. Dr. D


    The Quran is wrong. The real Jesus will be coming in the clouds for all to see. He will be saving the Jews from your people and he will be destroying your false Mahdi and false Jesus.
    Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ savior of the world.

  6. Uthman

    Let’s all seek forgiveness for all of these. Our lord God is one.. There’s No religion except the submission to the will of God. Keep praying to God to guide you and show you the way, don’t say one is Holy book is wrong or not because you don’t have the right to say so. Its a revelation from God himself, no one sat down and wrote all the Holy books and when you don’t respect that only God will decide his actions against such person. Ma Sha Allah

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