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-Dawkins: Evolution–“As Incontrovertible a Fact as Any in Science”

by Dr. D ~ October 14th, 2009

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In is new book- The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution- Richard Dawkins now claims that evolution is not a theory but a scientific fact:

“This book is my personal summary of the evidence that the ‘theory’ of evolution is actually a fact – as incontrovertible a fact as any in science.”

Further, he now says that he will not debate a creationist or any supporter of Intelligent Design:

“If a real scientist goes onto a debating platform with a creationist, it gives them a respectability, which I do not think your people have earned.”

In a recent appearance on the Michael Medved radio show, Dawkins said that ‘Intelligent Design’ as just another version of creationism and an idea unworthy of discussion when asked why he wouldn’t debate Intelligent Design proponent Stephen Meyer:

“I will have a discussion with somebody who has a genuinely different scientific point of view,” “[But] I have never come across any kind of creationism, whether you call it intelligent design or not, which has a serious scientific case to put.”

Response: I suppose that he never will come across a creationist with “a serious scientific case to put” either, since he refuses to even enter a discussion with another scientist that may hold creationist views of any type.

At least Dawkins is being totally truthful in his approach to evolution. He accepts it as ‘fact’ and refuses to even consider any alternatives. So many in the scientific community hide behind the ‘theory’ designation but go on and treat evolution as if it were a fact anyway.

It is amazing to me how Dawkins and others have closed the debate and have made infallible ex cathedra statements about evolution even though it can’t possibly be proven.            *Top

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4 Responses to -Dawkins: Evolution–“As Incontrovertible a Fact as Any in Science”

  1. flippertie

    “Richard Dawkins now claims that evolution is not a theory but a scientific fact:”

    If you actually read and understand what Dawkins says you will know his position is that Evolution is BOTH a fact and a theory.

    Evolution is a fact and a theory in the same way gravity is a fact and theory. The fact of gravity is shown in the way things fall to the ground, planets orbit the sun etc. The theory is our best explanation of how and why those things happen.

    In the same way:

    Evolution is a fact. Species existed once that do not exist now. Species exist now that do not appear in the fossil record. Therefore biological change has happened over time which is the definition of evolution.

    Evolution is a theory. In science a theory is a collection of ideas and explanations that make up our current best explanation of a set of observed data. Evolutionary theory is our current best explanation of how and why the fact of evolution happens.

    It’s not hard to understand if you are truly motivated to try.

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Flippertie,
    I get that Evolution is a theory that most scientists believe best explains what they observe.

    I also understand that there is evidence for evolution when it comes to adaptation and change within a specie.

    However to declare it a fact without being able to demonstrate or duplicate how one specie completely evolved from another is still a major sticking point.

    Is it really a fact that life evolved from rocks and chemical soup? There are still far too many unknowns to declare it a fact.

  3. Evolution is true.

    Oh, please. At least have the decency to accept things which are proven to be true. Evolution is proven to be true, so there’s no point debating Creationists. You shouldn’t babble about how Evolution is false, when you clearly haven’t read about it. Even if you are presented with solid evidence of a theory, you wouldn’t accept, since the Bible claims otherwise. Such a shame. I don’t see you trying to refute the theory of gravity as its not mentioned in the Bible. However, if it was mentioned in the Bible as false, you would’ve come up with gibberish to refute the theory.
    “Evolution is just a theory? Well, so is gravity, and I don’t see you flying around.”

  4. Ashley A

    In science, the word theory is defined as:
    “a theory that explains scientific observations; scientific theories must be falsifiable”.

    You are confused about the definition and formal use of the word. Theories are explanations of “facts”, or observations; not to be confused with the casual use of the word “theory”, which implies “a thought or guess”.

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