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Re: The Truth About “Angels and Demons”

by Dr. D ~ May 17th, 2009

( Movie Image by Getty Images via Daylife)

Ron Howard’s new movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s 2000 novel Angels and Demons just came out this week. This is the long waited sequel to The Da Vinci Code. This time the work is exploring themes of science verses religion with Christianity and particularly Catholicism in the cross-hares.

Westminster Theological Seminary has already launched a Web site www.thetruthaboutangelsanddemons.com designed to look at all the claims made in the film and answer questions raised in response to the work. Particularly to deal with impressions given in the book and in the movie that there is some kind of on-going struggle between science and religion that at some point will be totally resolved scientifically.

The purpose of the site is to delineate between fact and fiction.            *Top

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