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-Happy New Year!

by Dr. D ~ January 1st, 2009



Here are the Top Blog Posts for 2008:

1. Obama, Ahmadinejab, and a Shia Apocalyptic Scenario?

2. -Dead Sea Stone Tablet: About a Messiah Who Dies and is Resurrected?

3. -What Does the Book of Mormon Say?: About Marriage & Family

4. -Should Christians Support a Woman for High Political Office?

5. -Apostle Paul was a Fake and a Spy?

6. -Barack Obama’s Religion: How Muslims View It

7. -Archaeologist Finds Oldest Known Hebrew Writing

8. -Old Testament Find: Seal of Prince Who Opposed Jeremiah

9. -Archaeological Support for Divinity of Jesus

10. -Holocaust Survivors: Mormons-Stop Baptizing Our Dead!            *Top

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