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Mormon Church Responds to Recent Inquiries

by Dr. D ~ November 25th, 2007

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) is responding to the spotlight that Mitt Romney’s run for the presidency has turned on their faith. They are hoping to correct some of the controversy and misconceptions that has surrounded their religion for years.

Church authorities point out that their connection with polygamy is not really valid since they officially outlawed that practice 113 years ago. They also would like to dispel that impression that their church is racist since they have ordained blacks since 1978, and they now have many black leaders, over 250,000 African members.

Here is an enlightened opinion of Mormonism given by Rev. Bill Martin, pastor of Cornerstone Bible Church in St. Petersburg (also, nephew of the late Walter Martin, an Evangelical apologist and cult researcher):

“I believe Mormon people are some of the most wonderful, neighborly, law-abiding people you can find in this country. They have held the line on a lot of moral issues that are important to American tradition.”

“Having said that, Mormonism is a theological and biblical perversion of Orthodox Christianity, because at the root of it, it is polytheistic.”

John Taylor, a spokesman for the Mormon Church, claims that their religion reflects New Testament Christianity:

“We believe in Jesus Christ. He is the core and center of everything we do. We worship him. We honor him. …

We’re not Catholic. We’re not Protestant. We are restored New Testament Christians. We believe in the restoration of the original Christian church that Jesus Christ originated on Earth, with a lay ministry, apostles and people of faith who are trying to emulate Jesus Christ.”

Comments: The observations of Rev. Bill Martin are quite correct. The polytheistic theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon) can not represent New testament Christianity which was essentially monotheistic. That is just one major issue that separates Mormonism from Biblical Christianity.

He is also right in noting that culturally and morally many Mormons are wonderful people. The LDS have been and will continue to be allies with Evangelicals in the culture wars and conflicts that face our nation.             *Top

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2 Responses to Mormon Church Responds to Recent Inquiries

  1. Sage Boman

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. However, since the Bible has been translated so much, peoele have both u nintentionally as well as intentionaly changed or taken things out. Which we all kno is horrible! That is why there are so many different denominations today. That is why the Book of Mormon was nesessary.

    That book is true! Check out mormon.org if you wouldl like to read first hand what we believe.

  2. Dr. D

    1. Between the manuscripts available today and the testimonies and quotes of the early church fathers,the original text of the New Testament is at least 99% reliable, less than 1% of the text is in dispute.

    I deal with a lot of these issues in my article on “Misquoting Jesus”-available just below the ‘finger of God’ in the heading of the blog.

    2. The Dead sea scrolls have helped to confirm the reliability of the Old Testament.

    3. The reliability of the Biblical text has nothing to do with the number of different denominations.

    4. Check out the many Isaiah quotes in Nephi 3 of the Book of Mormon and compare them to the Isaiah text of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Where there are differences between the 3rd Nephi text and the Biblical text, the Dead Sea Isaiah supports the Biblical text.

    Next, check out the differences between the Book of Mormon text and the ‘Inspired Version’ text of the Bible that Joseph Smith said he corrected.

    I have made a detailed study of the two texts years ago and found them to be considerably different. Which then would be ‘correct’ Isaiah reading from a Mormon perspective?

    5. The LDS say that they believe in the Book of Mormon and hold it to be more accurate than the Bible, yet they do not even believe in the theology taught in their own book:

    a. The Book of Mormon is substantially trinitarian and teaches in numerous verses that there is only one God: the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one God. It does not teach as the LDS Church that their are three separate Gods that are unified in purpose.

    b. In the Book of Ether (in the Book of Mormon), the main character- the Brother of Jared has an experience with The One God- Father, son and Holy Ghost. That passage speaks about the oneness of God in a way that theologians refer to as Sabellian- some call it the ‘Oneness doctrine’of God. That teaching is considered heretical, but it is the exact opposite of the
    Tri-theistic doctrine of the LDS.

    c. The Book of Mormon consistently teaches that in the after life their are two major destinations for humanity following eternal judgment- Heaven and Hell.

    The LDS Church teaches that there are ‘three’ major destinations- Celestial,terestial,telestial; and also other kingdoms of ‘no glory’.

    There is no hint of this teaching in the Book of Mormon which is supposed to represent true doctrine, yet in this area and in the doctrine of God, the Book of Mormon teaching is closer to normative historical Christianity than it is to official LDS teaching.

    If ‘that book is true’, why don’t Mormons believe in its teaching?

    6. I think that it is always a good idea for people to check out another faith ‘first hand’ since those on the outside may present a somewhat distorted view.

    In the case of Mormonism, those of us who oppose it can only be counted on to present the negative aspects of the faith and never the positive.

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