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Are Mormons Christian? -Dr. Albert Mohler vs. Orson Scott Card

by Dr. D ~ July 5th, 2007

There is an interesting ongoing dialogue between Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and author Orson Scott Card, a prominent LDS, concerning the question: Are Mormons Christian? It is hosted by Beliefnet.

The debate showcases the major arguments and understandings of both sides of this issue. Dr. Mohler does an excellent job presenting the Evangelical perspective, while Mr. Card presents the Mormon understanding.             *Top

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2 Responses to Are Mormons Christian? -Dr. Albert Mohler vs. Orson Scott Card

  1. alex

    Hi my parents in law are mormons. I ve spend over 100 hours online researching information no matter what I find and ask them they have a cheese way to answer or ignore everything in in their gut feeling.
    I have a major question about Bibble reliability and what really happend to bibble between Jesus Time and now espesially in 200 ad to now. Why they say it has been interpreted incorectly , why sertain books where taken out of Bible , where they ever in Bibble officialy, what proofs we have today that one version of Bibble is close to 100 % correct. I am a Pentecostal, but born in Baptist enviroment , so you can answer to me in more then 101 terms. It is a shame church never talks about any of these question. Thanks

  2. Jay

    Go to Carm.org that site will give you many answers your searching for. If you need more info contact me at my blog


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