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What Do Mormons Really Believe? -An Introduction

by Dr. D ~ November 4th, 2006

This is the introduction to a new series on Mormon doctrine and beliefs.  I have LDS friends who contantly tell me that most of the books and tracts about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, do not fairly represent the current beliefs and teachings of their church.

It is my goal to present short, readable articles on the current doctrine, beliefs, and practices of the Mormon Church and compare to them with the prevailing beliefs and theology of Evangelical Christianity.   I will be using current sources printed by the LDS in the process.  I hope to fairly and accurately represent Mormon teaching in the process.  However, I am an Evangelical Christian and I will unapologetically assert that there are many beliefs and doctrines of the LDS which are false.

I extend an invitation to LDS readers to make comments and to set the record straight in those areas where I fall short from their perspective.  To Evangelicals, I believe that it would serve us better, in presenting the Gospel to Mormons, if we really understood the actual prevailing differences (which are many) and did not dwell upon sensational quotes and reports from the 19th century. 

Also, we all should recognize that we do share many common beliefs and values, and it is the goal of both movements to bring change for the better, into the lives of people and society as a whole.


Sources: (Will be expanded)

-“Mormon Doctrine“, by Bruce R. McConkie (Salt Lake City, Utah: Deseret Book Co., 1979, 856 pgs)  An important work, but not an official statement of LDS Church doctrine.

-(D. & C.)”Doctrine and Covenants” (Salt Lake City, Utah: LDS) One of the LDS books of scripture.

-“Book of Mormon” (Salt Lake City, Utah: LDS) One of the LDS books of Scripture.

-“Pearl of Great Price” (Salt Lake City, Utah: LDS) One of the LDS books of Scripture. 

-“Inspired Version” ( Independence, Mo.: Herald House) Printed by the Community of Christ (RLDS Church).

-“Sytematic Theology“, by Wayne Grudem (Leicester, Eng.:Zondervan Pub., 1994, 1264 pgs.) 


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