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-The Supposed ‘Missing Years’ of Jesus?

by Dr. D ~ December 3rd, 2011

Jesus from the Deesis Mosaic

              (Image by jakebouma via Flickr)

In the Gospels we see Jesus born in Bethlehem and visiting in the Temple at 12 but the next time we see him he is being baptized by John the Baptist and begins his ministry at 30 years of age. What did Jesus do for the 18 years in between?

I don’t know and neither does anyone else at this point.

He probably did what every other faithful Jewish boy did in the first century- worked for his father until he came of age.

One thing for sure, he didn’t walk to India and learn how to do stuff from Hindu gurus like some fanciful accounts would have us believe. How do we know? Because nothing he did, said, or taught ever came close to reflecting any kind of Hindu teaching or eastern belief.

Also, in order to do so he would have had to abandon his responsibilities towards his earthy father Joseph. In that culture, a son was obligated to work for his father in the family trade until he came of age and started his own family.

Here’s a fine article by Gregory Koukl on this subject: “Jesus’ Missing Years

He begins with this question:

Did Jesus study in India for the "missing" 18 years of His life and then bring back a message reflecting eastern religious thought?

He makes 5 important points:

1. There is no historical information what-so-ever that places Jesus in India.

2. The Gospels teach Jesus stayed in Israel.

3. The expense and distance make such a trip unlikely.

4. Gentile culture was repugnant to Jews.

5. Jesus taught Judaism, not Hinduism.

And then concludes with this:

Every shred of hard evidence we have places Jesus in the land of Israel for His entire life except the brief sojourn in Egypt (which the historical accounts are careful to note).

Read what Greg Koukl says under each of the points. An excellent synopsis of this issue.             *Top

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