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-Revolting Muslims Really Seeking New Caliphate and World Dominance?

by Dr. D ~ February 28th, 2011

Territorial changes of the Ottoman Empire

                                     (Image via Wikipedia)

There is an under current and subtext to all of the revolts that are going on across the Muslim Middle East and North Africa.

There is an Muslim dream and ideal that is being expressed that continues to go unreported because it does not meet the Western template nor does it make any sense to most of the Western observers.

There is an underlying hope among the demonstrators in the Middle East for a new Islamic Caliphate that would include the entire Middle East and North Africa. In order for that to happen all of the current regimes must fall and the new leaders must be willing to cooperate together.  

Young Muslims have been taught and have been indoctrinated with a historical view of past Muslim glories when the Islamic Caliphate was the greatest power and empire in the world and ruled all of the Middle East, North Africa, and even Southern Spain and a large part of the Balkans in Europe. It was an empire that overthrew Constantinople and threatened to take Vienna and all of Europe with it.

The last Muslim Caliphate –the Ottoman Empire was overthrown by the Western powers in WWI. Following WWI the lands were divided up and the current countries were defined and set up by the Western allies with governments and rulers put in place substantially under the tutelage and guidance of Britain and France. Later after WWII the USA also became a major player and king maker (or sponsor) in the ‘oil rich’ Middle East and sponsor of Israel.

Many look upon their current countries and governments as illegitimate fabrications of the Western infidels. Some of the countries do have a storied past like Turkey, Egypt, and Iran but most were made-up lands with Western negotiated borders in the 20th century. So not only are the leaders considered illegitimate but also the countries themselves.

For many young Muslims in the Middle east, the world is upside down with the Western countries dominating in so many different ways. They blame their leaders for their current condition and look upon many of them as contributing to the Western domination of the Middle East.

With the coming of Arabic 24 hour news and the internet, now far more folks have become aware of how bad they really have it compared to the rest of the world. Then they go to services on Friday and their imam tells them that Islam is destined to dominate the World and that it is time to rise up.

Underneath all of the current unrest there is Iran providing organization and support to all Islamist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and Hezbollah. The subtext behind all of the Iranian efforts is that a New Caliphate is coming and the Mahdi of Muslim prophecy (12th Imam) will soon rise up and lead all Islam to world leadership and dominance once more.  

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3 Responses to -Revolting Muslims Really Seeking New Caliphate and World Dominance?

  1. Steve Martin

    I think your assessment of this situation in these Islamic countries is right on.

    What will emerge will be radical theocracies bent on advancing Islam and exterminating Israel and Christianity.

    What a bumpy ride we are in for.

    Thank you.


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