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– “The Uniqueness of Christianity: Reconciliation with God”

by Dr. D ~ November 12th, 2010


From Stand to Reason Blog:

"If one asks what the one characteristic feature of the Christian faith is, distinguishing it from all religions in the world, then we would have to say: It is the forgiveness of sins. The pious Jew and even a pious [Muslim] may hope for God’s pardon.  Forgiveness as a real gift, the full assurance of forgiveness, that is the gift of the Gospel."

-Hermann Sasse, Treasury of Daily Prayer (Concordia)

Response: Short and oh so sweet!

The Muslim in particular can never know whether they are truly saved and forgiven. That’s why jihad is so appealing since so many radical mullah’s today teach that those who give up their lives for Islam are locked in and assured of eternity in Paradise. Otherwise a Muslim can never know if they have done enough to receive Allah’s pardon and reward.            *Top

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