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-Ground Zero Mosque: The Jewish Response?

by Dr. D ~ August 24th, 2010

Ground Zero Mosque Protest Bombs

(Image by david_shankbone via Flickr)

There are over a million Jews living in NY City and the Jewish community was particularly affected by the 9/11 attacks and even salt has been poured on with the popular Arab urban legend/conspiracy theory that blames it all on them or the Israelis. So you would expect that the Jewish community in New York would have a definite opinion on the the ‘Ground Zero’ Mosque?

Apparently they do but they’re divided over the issue just like the rest of America.

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1 Response to -Ground Zero Mosque: The Jewish Response?

  1. paul

    if americans now woun’t wake up, they will be surely face the consequence jest as king ezekia of judha encouaged babyonians to have a look at his treaure, it turned into great evil in his part and finally they (jewish) became salave to Babylonians for 70 years.
    Show the Lion character of Christ, do not conpromise. these muslim terrorrist they look good and behave good in initial stage and then they will show their original evil character. Please americans and mr. obama……be alert……. donot compromise with these………..
    From paul, india.

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