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-UK Muslim Leader admits that Islam is NOT a ‘Religion of Peace’

by Dr. D ~ June 28th, 2010

Here’s an interview with UK Muslim leader Anjem Choudary who says basic Islamic teachings from the Quran shaped his pro-jihad message. Hear what he says in his own words about Islam not being just another religion but an ideology that is all encompassing and worth fighting and dying for.

He applauds the 9-11 terrorists and considers ‘Jihad’ against Christians and Jews as mainstream and authorized by the Quran. He is hoping to overthrow the British government and replace it with one based upon Sharia law. Well worth 6 1/2 minutes.

Response: For some reason in the West, our political correctness has run amuck and doesn’t allow the media or the political establishment to consider the real character and teachings of Islam. Most of us are hoping for some kind of moderate form which really doesn’t exist in any official way even though there are moderate individual Muslims living in our midst.

Fact is, there are no ‘moderate’ Islamic schools and all of the Mullahs in the USA were trained in the Middle East. We consider Choudary to be a radical but in the context of Islamic thought in the Middles East he is far more ‘mainstream’ than any of us wish to acknowledge.

Fact is, Sharia Law is a major component of Islam and cannot be separated from it though many of the fundamental laws are in direct conflict with Western traditions, laws, and democratic institutions.

Some Muslims are content and happy to live under Western laws and governments and adapt well to it. However, many others like Choudary call for the establishment of Sharia Law in the West which is tantamount to calling for the destruction of Western civilization, Western jurisprudence and democracy, and the free-enterprise economy.            *Top

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3 Responses to -UK Muslim Leader admits that Islam is NOT a ‘Religion of Peace’

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  2. Linda Rivera

    Why should we be alarmed? Because of all the terrible things the Koran says about Muslims! The Koran considers all non-Muslims to be the enemy. Non-Muslims are offered to: Convert or be killed, or pay jizya – the blood ransom poll tax for being allowed to stay alive.

    From 56 Muslim countries already conquered by Islam, many millions of Islam’s foot soldiers colonize our countries. Muslims have huge families to overcome Western countries by demographics. The goal: conquest of hated non-Muslims and subjugation of infidels under cruel Islamic sharia law where females are treated as inferior and defenseless non-Muslims have no human rights.

    In a number of majority Muslim countries, severely persecuted non-Muslims live their lives in daily FEAR. Every country that takes in more than a few Muslims is committing national suicide. Future generations will curse us.

  3. Athish

    the above video is not working properly

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