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-Re: Codex Sinaiticus

by Dr. D ~ February 20th, 2010

Codex sinaticus {{de|Luk. 11,2 im Codex Sinait...
(Codex  Sinaiticus via Wikipedia)

Last Summer when the Codex Sinaiticus was put online, the media trotted out all sorts of ‘experts’ regarding the origins of the New Testament using the Codex ‘coming out party’ as an excuse to talk about the latest ‘Da Vinci Code’/Bart Ehrman type theories.

All of which question the authority and early development of the Christian scriptures.

Here’s a good summary article about the Codex addressing some these ‘media driven’ issues from the Stand to Reason blog:

Codex Sinaiticus: The Facts vs. Hype”                *Top

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