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-The Bible Was Written Earlier After All?

by Dr. D ~ January 11th, 2010

(Image-University of Haifa)

image An Israeli Scholar recently concluded that parts of the Bible were probably written far earlier than most modern scholars thought. Professor Gershon Galil of the University of Haifa came to that conclusion after translating an inscription on a 3,000 year old piece of pottery.

The message contained reflected social teachings and a use of Hebrew writing which is far earlier than most scholars thought was possible. The discovery means that parts of the Hebrew Scriptures (Bible -Old Testament) could have been written hundreds of years earlier than most scholars have thought possible.

Up to this point, most Hebrew scholars were of the opinion that the Bible could not have been written before the 6th century BC (B.C.E.) because they didn’t believe that Hebrew writing existed before then.

Response: For many conservative folks this really doesn’t change a thing. Modern liberal scholars are always surprised when the Biblical record is confirmed or shown to be written earlier than they ever supposed.

However it should be noted that most Bible scholars believe that the Book of Job reflects a much earlier culture and was probably written before the rest and also most would contend that the Book of Genesis reflects a far earlier culture than the 6th century BC (B.C.E.) or even the 1,000 BC (B.C.E.) date that this discovery seems to confirm.            *Top

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