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-Movie: “Angels and Demons”

by Dr. D ~ May 31st, 2009

 image I found Ron Howard’s new movie adaptation of Dan Brown’s 2000 novel Angels and Demons to be far better than The Da Vinci Code from a Christian perspective. The movie did not dwell on the anti-Christian theories and themes that pervaded the previous work.

That doesn’t mean that it was ‘pro-Christian’- just not substantially ‘anti’. One of the major issues continually dwelt with in the book is the so-called battle between science and religion—and in this case Catholicism. This was obviously downplayed in the movie and I found it far move enjoyable than the ‘Code’.

The movie sets, along with the Vatican and Roman backgrounds were awesome. In the final analysis, this turned out to be a very good suspenseful detective story with a good twist or two. This is actually a movie that most Christians will be able to enjoy and not be offended by—even Catholics will find it rather harmless after all the negative hype. 

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2 Responses to -Movie: “Angels and Demons”

  1. Hillside Community Church Crown Point, IN

    It was still a very graphic movie. I don’t think I’d let my kids see it, yet, for that reason.

  2. Dr. D

    Yes, for sure. This was really not a family movie and really not appropriate for younger children.

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