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-Faith and/or Evolution?

by Dr. D ~ February 21st, 2009

With the coming of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth, the debate over science and religion has come to the forefront bringing dozens of articles with it about how faith and evolution are either compatible or mutually exclusive. The best that I have found on the issue was written by Dr. Albert Mohler: “Christianity and Evolution–Seeing the Problem”

Dr. Mohler begins with this statement:

“…evolutionary theory poses a direct challenge to the Christian faith — if the dominant evolutionary theory and classical biblical Christianity are to be taken at face value.”

Then he deals seriously with a number of key articles and their arguments on the subject and ends with the following conclusion:

“We can eliminate the conflict between evolution and Christianity if we redefine God to be something far less than the Creator he reveals himself to be in Genesis.  If we dispense with Genesis as revealed truth, we have no problem declaring a truce between evolution and Christian belief.  …

The conflict between Genesis and evolution is not merely over the “how” as opposed to the “why” of creation.  Evolution presents a direct challenge to the entire story-line of the Bible.  Efforts to resolve this challenge generally involve a misunderstanding of biblical Christianity, a misunderstanding of evolution, or a misunderstanding of both.”

Response: Like I said, this is the best I have found on the subject because Dr. Mohler presents many of the major approaches to the issue and provides answers from a Biblical perspective. Are faith and evolution compatible? That depends entirely on how much of the Biblical record you take serious.            *Top 

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