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-A Great Day to be Thankful!

by Dr. D ~ November 27th, 2008

As we gather together with friends and family for Thanksgiving in America, let us remember the blessings that God has bestowed upon this nation and the ultimate gift to be thankful for–His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that graces our lives.

In the midst of economic trouble we do need to remember that our worst times are better than the best of fortune for 95% of the folks living on this planet. Even in times of personal difficulty we can always be confident in the love and the strength of the Lord–we can always depend on him.

It is a great time to remember how the Lord has truly blessed each one of us and our family.

Thank you Father for your Love for us, thank you Lord Jesus for your strength, and Holy Spirit for your peace. In Jesus Name Amen.          *Top

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2 Responses to -A Great Day to be Thankful!

  1. Gilbert Purtee, Jr.

    Everyday, I thank God for Jesus…

    Have a good weekend..
    CBO Gib

  2. Dr. D

    Gib-Thanks for visiting

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