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-A Prayer for the American People and the Election

by Dr. D ~ November 4th, 2008

image Our Heavenly Father, by the power of your Holy Spirit, encourage your people to vote today— and I ask that by your Spirit that you would ambush everyone of us as we go into the voting booth—that you would inspire us in the midst of the process of voting to make the best possible choices.

Lord, let the process be decisive, we come against the specter and threat of stolen elections with judges and lawyers ruling the day and overturning the voice of the people. Let the result be graciously accepted without riots in the aftermath either in celebration or in angry response.

May we praise your name for the opportunity we have in this country—and at the end of the day, let us all remember that no matter who wins, you are still on the throne and really in control. In Jesus name, Amen.            *Top

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