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-Series: "Isa Almasih and Jesus Christ"

by Dr. D ~ February 5th, 2008

Here is an excellent series of articles on the Muslim understanding of Jesus, known as “Isa-Almasih” in the Quran, compared with Christian teaching about Jesus Christ. image image 

It was written by Ekaputra Tupamahu and posted on his blog. Ekaputra currently teaches theology at Satyabhakti Advanced School of Theology (STT Satyabhakti), Indonesia.

He concludes and identifies a number of points of contact between the Muslim understanding of Isa and the Biblical Jesus. These intersecting areas can form the basis for dialogue between Christians and Muslims and potentially provide opportunities for evangelism.

Ekaputra notes that at the Second Coming, Jesus fulfills all the Biblical provisions of a Messiah that both the Christian and Jewish religions are looking for, and also could complete the Muslim expectations of a coming ‘Mahdi’.

Here are links to the 6 articles:

Isa Almasih and Jesus Christ – Part 1 -Isa as an Islamic Version of Christology

Isa Almasih and Jesus Christ – Part 2 -Historical Consideration

Isa Almasih and Jesus Christ – Part 3 -Isa as Almasih or Messiah in the Quran

Isa Almasih and Jesus Christ – Part 4 -Messianic Idea Among Muslim People Today

Isa Almasih and Jesus Christ – Part 5 -Islam (Isa Almasih) and Christianity (Jesus Christ): Some Point of Contacts

Isa Almasih and Jesus Christ – Part 6 -Some Implications


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