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-Mormons Upset over the Passing of Postum

by Dr. D ~ January 2nd, 2008

January brings us a new year but with the demise of Postum, the options for warm drinks without caffeine have been diminished. I am posting on this issue for fun and because of the fond memories that I had of the drink when I was a child and my mother allowed me to drink the ‘fake’ coffee substitute.

Who knew that it would be another ‘Mormon’ issue? Actually better than some that I have read about. Should have known since tea and coffee is not in the faithful LDS pantry. In case you never heard of the drink, it was a coffee flavored sort of drink made from grains and marketed originally by Post and now by Kraft.

For years the drink was a favorite and a cultural institution in Mormon and Seventh Day Adventist households. R.I.P. Postum and Happy New Year everyone. *Top

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